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My maternal Grandfather passed away last week Sunday after celebrating his 98th birthday in April. His passing wasn't entirely a surprise, because he'd been having circulation trouble (specifically in his legs and feet) for two years or so, cut for medical stuff ), so when he elected to move to the full-care hospice on the Friday after Thanksgiving (or the Wednesday before? something like that), we kind of guessed. He passed away in his sleep, pretty peacefully as far as we know.

I didn't know him very well. )

want to see a slideshow about his life? click me

The Horseman
(a poem by my Grandfather Lee F. Page)

The big percherons go with patient tread )
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Like seriously, went bowling Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday and got the lowest score, and our high scorers were in the ~100 points range. I don't think I broke 50? For *any* of the games we played. I do know the logic of bowling, but my fingers are too thick to fit into the holes properly. [insert a holes/fingering joke here now if you're so inclined... it seems appropriate] So I ended up mostly dropping the ball instead of actually throwing it. I spent most of one game throwing granny style with both hands just so my wrist didn't get entirely thrown out of whack. Still fun though - giggling and mugging for each other, celebrating every single pin being knocked down, and marveling at the computer graphics (we can now pick exciting under the sea theme games so there are cute little fish animations adding up our scores).

Spent last night with a friend who is trying to process her mom's cancer diagnosis - she just spent two weeks with her family while her mom had emergency surgery for a cyst, and it was the worst news on the biopsy - it's metastasized. Twenty years ago I think cancer terminology entered into the common vocabulary, but it's weird to think that fifty years ago there wouldn't be these words that have meaning for us now: cyst, benign, biopsy, lymph notes, metastasized, chemo, and the rest. Of course she's trying to process and it's all uneven, because like so many of us with family her relationship with her parents is conflicted, and with her larger family it's confusing, and with her sibling it's difficult. And part of the reason why we're such good friends is that we both have a savior complex a mile wide and a couple of miles deep. There's something about being there that we're both so sure makes all the difference (and it sometimes can, because it's family, and we understand family in almost instinctual ways -- but that sometimes isn't the most healthy move, for the family or for us). Anyway, we sat and talked and pet the puppy, and went for a long dinner where we caught up. It was really good. Maybe not as much processing as she could use or need, but maybe it was enough to give her a space to be away, and to smile for an hour, and to just breathe.

Oh, and to rehang the party lights. I wanted them moved so they'd actually hang over my little cafe table outside and it only took me (and friend, since I needed one person to hang and one person to hold the strings) almost a month to do it!

But the thing that's making me really smile the most right now is that I bought myself an adult chair! If I've done this right you should be able to click it and see the beautiful picture from the website. I love it. I keep petting it. I can't stop sitting in it, either, which I know - that's the point, right? But also makes me realize how much I sit in one place in my living room.

What about you guys? Do you have a living room and you move around from couch to chair? Or are you like me and you have one chair (ok, I now have three chairs, but one is broken down, the other is the housemate's chair, and the third is my new chair) and you pretty much stay in that chair all the time? Searching my memory, my stepmom has "her" space on the couch that she's had for years...and my mom certainly has had her favorites that she stuck to. So at least I come by it via the parents, even if no one else has their "spot" in their living room.

eta: dear gods I originally started this post thinking I was going to wax nostalgic over files I found on my backup drive, meander through my job prospects and what my writing plans are for the week, and blather about being afraid of moving... the best laid plans, eh?
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Dear Cousin,

I'm defriending you on facebook. Not because I think you're a bad person - I think you have good intentions and those come from someone with a good heart. Not because you comment on my posts with different opinions - I actually like talking to people with opinions different than mine, especially when they are well read, and you seem to do a lot of reading.

But every time you comment on something I post you're aggressive and you level personal attacks at me. You told me I had no right to my opinions because I wasn't a mother. You told me it was no wonder your mom stopped talking to mine because I was just terrible as she was. Today you are telling me I'm being argumentative and I think you're also accusing me of being fat when I was trying to tell you "hey, you have your opinion and I have mine, and this is why I have mine."

I friended you because I'm not close to you and you're my cousin. And I remembered you from when we were kids. I wanted to get to know you. But when you comment so aggressively to my posts, when you tell me I can't have an opinion different than yours, when you call me ignorant, or terrible, when you attack me? It makes me feel bad, and sick, and angry. Maybe that's what you mean to do. If so, that's pretty toxic, because you don't know me either.

It seems like you're pretty happy with your life. I'm glad. I'm pretty happy with my life too. And one of the ways I try to draw boundaries in my life is to stop accepting abuse in the name of family or friends. I hope you have a good life. If I see you at a family thing I'll be happy to have a conversation with you - again I wish you well and happy. But I don't actually need to be attacked online.

Be well,
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My mom is visiting for a week down here in sunny la-la-land, and so far we've managed to totally goof around without real plans - though we did go see Spy on Saturday and gave my landlady's front yard a facelift Sunday (it needed it). I'm trying to make it so we're more lazy than not just so when she goes back home she feels rested. Like tonight we're going to a comedy show, but since the meditation center we wanted to go to is closed on Monday, we're hanging out at home.

My landlady is finally showing her house to renters (anyone want a 2 br 1&1/2 ba in Los Feliz?), hence us helping clean up the front yard. (I live in the guest house in the back and while it looks like a converted garage it's really a two-bedroom open plan apartment that they laid foundation for and everything.) However, the people who have renovated the house have pretty much done so at the expense of the front yard, and the flower bed running around the perimeter was filled with old pots and slightly used supplies (grout bags anyone?) and some of the grass had been painted when the painter set up to repaint the house. All in all it looked pretty terrible. We moved border stones and for about $50 bought some pansies and a couple of bags of bark, rearranged the half-dead (but still alive) potted plants that were already there and made it so things have a shape and it feels like someone likes living there. It was really cool. I love gardening with my mom, and it was great to do it in my neighborhood too.

And in fannish things it was my day at Summer of Giles and I committed fic, which is really fucking weird, because I haven't in years. At least I did the art to go with it, so there's are there and stuff, and that feels normal.

Think it's gonna rain? (Giles/Faith, PG for language) Instead of using the device on Buffy when she wakes up, what if the Mayor intended Faith to use it on Giles?

Pari Passau (with Equal Step) (Giles/Buffy, PG) Before the Cruciamentum there was the bond between Watcher and Slayer.
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I kept telling people that I was heading to Kansas for my Grandfather's 97th birthday, and they'd get this precious look on their faces like, "awww, family, yay!" Each time I'd have to pause and correct them. Not all family birthdays are joyful occasions. the long and the short of it is )

See the image of my Grandfather shaking noisemakers as proof.

Since then I've felt like I was in recovery from the slew of events and visits and trips and airplane flights. I've had low-grade depression making certain types of motivation, including writing motivation, very difficult. I think part of it has been that I haven't had weekly place to be/things to do (either social or school-related) and have been largely lonely. I've mostly puttered around the house and watched a lot of TV.

And cleaned every day or every other day trying to get rid of a flea problem - apparently the fleas in my area over the last several years have developed immunity to the normal flea prevention drugs that I have the dog on. According to the vet, they've developed immunity to Frontline and Revolution both. And I had to have the "are you cleaning enough?" conversation with three vet techs, a vet, and two different pet supply store workers/owners. It reached ridiculous levels after the second conversation. Because apparently what you're supposed to do to get rid of fleas is clean ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME: your dog. And any loose cloths that can be washed should be. And vacuum your couches (under cushions and everything). And mop your floors. And clean your drapes. And baseboards. And do it every day so that the eggs that can stay live up to two months will be picked up as they hatch. And spray with anti-flea spray. And spray your dog with organic anti-flea spray. So I've tried to do that, mostly. Washed every scrap of cloth that could be taken down at the laundromat. Cleaned every day, when usually I only do that once a week. It only takes a couple of hours, but it's ridiculously tiring to do it every day.

It's made it hard to motivate about a lot of things, one of which is Summer of Giles, which is celebrating it's 10th frigging year. And sadly right now needs sign ups like crazy.

These last couple of days I've been able to start the day with translating, which is so so good. And do other things.

But I have been walking the dog, despite her itchy problem. That's the best part of my day as of late - getting out into the sunlight and walking the dog. The tough part is that every day it's a little bit of a mental struggle to get myself together and do it, but every time I'm glad I do.
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it's like planes, trains, and automobiles but not the same at all..

i went to Chicago for the first time at the end of last month to present at the Association for Asian Studies 2015 conference, which was four days of intense networking. I learned that sure, it's important to not have an entirely terrible presentation, but more importantly it's best to ask interesting questions at every panel you go to. (i didn't, but i did try and raise my hand at least once a panel) Because not many people were going to show up to my 8am on Sunday panel to see me speak if they didn't already know me. But they might want to know me if I actually asked something interesting. And also I learned that there's no good reason to eat the frankly frightening canapes in the main ballroom when going to a sponsored organization gets you the pick of the nice cheeses. these are essential survival skills.

And I got to see my favorite people from my year in Japan! Which made everything better. We're sort of evil together, and yet also ridiculously awesome.

then this last weekend my own department, actually, my own graduate group, put on our first grad conference. and yes, I did kind of run the whole thing in one way or another as the conference chair, and yes i know how conceited that sounds. But I proposed the conference format, I suggested a keynote panel, I designed the programs and flyers and posters, I picked up the damn name tags, I wrangled the keynotes and wrote the funding letters and organized the catering. I created and updated the website. And I did have a lot of help from the other grads in our department to do all these things but I pulled all the threads together in every way. And felt a kind of vicious pleasure on Saturday night when everyone continued to come up to ME and say what an amazing job we did, and how much of a success it was (even though we still had another day to go).

now i just want to rest and recover and i'm having trouble going to sleep. but that's ok, i'm sure i'll get tired enough soon.

next up - I'm going to Kansas next weekend for my Grandfather's birthday. I keep forgetting to ask my mom if he's turning 98 or 99, but it's up there. Very far. After that I should be able to breathe for a bit.
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I'm in the middle of a two-week visit to family in N. California.

It's a family immersion! This week I've spent the days chatting with my stepmom (on everything from porn to my dog's digestive situation), the evenings taking short dog walks with my dad and getting to hear him talk through his current trial (he's a defense attorney), gotten to hang out with my little sister two days running, and my elder sister for a couple of hours. I've burbled at (and been burbled at by) two grand-nephews (yes, my nephews are old enough to have their own babies). I helped my nephew fill out his divorce papers yesterday, had lunch with him and his brother and his brother's girlfriend and their little boy, and dinner with one of my other nephews and his wife and their little boy. Saturday is an afternoon picnic (or maybe early dinner) with another nephew's girlfriend and her family (and our family). Oh, and Dad and I washed cars on Sunday, a weekend activity we've been doing together for like 20 years.

It sounds exceedingly busy but it's also been a lot of hanging out, drinking coffee, watching the dogs, and eating.

Sunday I head to my mom's house, where I assume there will be gardening, and more talking, hanging out, watching (my) dog.

I love these visits. I suppose for some people this kind of summer vacation would be weird, or filled with conflict, and I'm really grateful that I have a family that (while dear god we definitely have plenty of conflict) is happy to see me and have me as a lounger in their house when I can.
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I hope everyone survived warm and snug despite all the freezing going on this last week (hint: link is pretty pictures). And hopefully those of you who had your ground water poisoned are getting help and clean water from someone (not so pretty article)

The thing is, because I've grown up with parents divorced and then remarried (no really, my stepmom came into my life when i was 3 years old), I've often had Christmas celebrations like Hobbits have meals: 1st Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Breakfast, Christmas Day, and Post-Christmas (well, ok, not quite that many, but still). And now that I'm an adult they aren't so much about the presents as about warm holidays filled with family and love and good food and lots of hugs. We do a white elephant-esque gift exchange each year on my Dad's side of the family, and I found a horrible (but also awesome) light up pillow to exchange. It starts out white and fuzzy, but when you lean on it lights up in rainbow colors. I ended up with a clock that is powered entirely by water, but horse traded it afterwards for some old not-so-classic Sci Fi Movies (seriously, things no one has ever heard of, these things weren't even Zardoz calibre). And since this year was also the year of the !BABY! (three of my nephews became fathers this summer), we had a second dinner at my dad's and I got to check in with the happiest baby ever, Luno.

And then there was Christmas breakfast (and Eve, and Day) at my Mom's house, where the present I made her totally made her and her best friend cry. I decided this year I'd make her a kind of hand made quote book where I wrote out inspirational or amusing quotes in a book, intermixed with little letters I wrote to her meant to cheer her up, or remind her she's inspiring, or just an awesome Mom. it was a hell of a fun project to do, even if I was still glueing the day before Christmas because it took waay longer than I thought to assemble all the fiddly bits of paper.

pics or it didn't happen, right? )

then for the New Year I was off to South Dakota!

I managed to totally survive in South Dakota in the winter, which was awesome, though I did mostly miss the extra cold stuff by leaving the day it started (of course that meant plane delays and lost luggage, but they eventually delivered me at 1 am and the luggage like two days later).

what i did on my vacation in south dakota -- with pictures (though not a ton) )

And now I'm back in la-la-land, getting ready to start the semester (i think).

That's what started this whole post - I got my evals from last semester! And man, I pissed off a couple of students (who rated me poor across the board, called me condescending, and were pissed I never finished class on time). The rest, however, seem to have universally agreed that the adjectives that best describe me (and this is from their comments section) were: "enthusiastic" and "energetic" or some form of the two used in combination. LOL. All that coffee is good for something!! I'm both super grumbly about the students who were critical, probably in part because their criticisms hit home, and just a little bit smug about the happy evals. It's so easy to dwell on the bad reviews and not acknowledge the good ones, but I feel like every semester I get a little bit better at both hearing criticism and remembering I did do things right. (well, fingers crossed at least)
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i guess nobody but me still uses yahoo!mail? anyway, mine's been out for three days (for "system maintenance") and so i've felt a little (or a lot) disconnected. i'm in the process of moving all my notifications to gmail (it's not like i haven't had an account there, but it was largely used for filtering spam). thoroughly disappointed in yahoo though.

i have a paper due on the 13th that i'm madly, crazily, belatedly trying to work through (i have to read a lot of complex theory in Japanese to get to it - that's on the menu today).

new housemate moved in on the 1st of Dec and we get a long pretty great. she's a chatterbox, which fills the house in a way i haven't been used to for a while, but it's nice. we spent Saturday rearranging the living room into a new formation and putting up christmas decorations (bonding!!)

other things - like turkey day, family stuff, state of me )

so maybe if i get the chance picspam soon. well, not today. today i have to work. really, i'm going to work. you see me going, right?
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I'm going to write about media in my next post, but here's the upshot for me in RL.

I found a housemate! She moves in Dec 1! So far all our interactions have been really good and I think it's going to be absolutely great. She got the dog seal of approval right away, too, and the second time she came over Domino didn't even bark at her, so that's a comfort.

Dog has been slowly getting over her tummy troubles. She's not through the woods entirely yet, but the chinese medicine I've been giving her has definitely made it so she's not having scary BMs anymore and she's eating every day. It's called yunnan bayao and it's good for internal bleeding and even putting on small cuts if you get them (I've read some reviews where people say they put it in their medicine cabinet just cuz it helps close up little wounds). It'll take a bit longer with this stuff just because it's about using it until her own natural healing kicks the rest of the way in (at least, this according to my chinese medicine consultant). But she's happy and energetic and eating and pooping, so that's the important stuff for me. Oh, and just in case I switched her to this low-grain food and her coat has become even softer than before over the last three weeks - she's like a teddy bear to pet now. A constantly shedding teddy bear.

Along with school, which frankly has been pretty busy as the semester starts to wrap up, I've been dealing with a new and not exciting medical issue: I didn't realize it at first, but I've been experiencing hearing loss in my left ear for about five months. I just thought I needed a cleaning. Went in for that and found out I'm whistle clean and there's no sign of an infection (redness, swelling). The doc put me on prednisone and sudafed, assuming there was some kind of fluid build up on the inside of my ear, and it didn't clear up the hearing loss. In fact, it made me hyper aware of my left ear (which is the one having problems), and seems to have actually sort of aggravated whatever was happening before. I took a hearing test, but sadly the results were conclusively "yep, you've got some hearing loss" and not clearly anything else. After working through all that they finally gave me the referral for an ENT, whose first appointment was the second week of December. So for now I'm on sudafed and ibuprofin and hoping it doesn't get any worse before I can get into see this Doctor (and hopefully the specialist will do something other than proscribe me things that make me feel like it feels worse). It's made me tired just thinking about it, so I've been doing quite a bit of snail-shelling with TV and the like.

EXCEPT when my Mom came to visit for four days two weeks ago. It was so nice to see her, even though her visit was WAY shorter than usual. We packed a ton of stuff into the two real days she was here - went looking at Amoeba Music for lady singers for her (she's doing her lesbian protest rock phase now, lol), got new plants for my patio, tried to get some things at Ikea for her craft/art room (but Ikea was sadly out of the things she wanted - which is crazy but it does happen), and then topped it all off with a trip to Huntington Gardens. Which were AWESOME and perhaps I will have to picspam. It was so bright too that we bought HATS! (from the gift shop - they were expensive but really pretty so... i think on balance we won.) And we went and saw Ender's Game. Oh, and helped my housemate move the last of her stuff out of the apartment. For us that's like a whirl-wind of stuff to pack into two days :D

ETA: OMG AND I FORGOT THAT TWO FRIENDS CAME UP TO VISIT FROM LONG BEACH LAST WEEKEND and we had a great time at breakfast and then visiting my favorite place in LA, the Planetarium. And we saw Ride of the Valkries (Planetarium show). I am COMPLETE sucker for Planetarium shows, even if, as wise friend noted, they're not in depth enough to make you happy about learning more on the science side (re: aurora borealis) OR on the myth side (re: norse gods)... it's basically a show that sketches some cool stuff and has stars and Wagner accompanying it. But still. It's awesome. And these women were awesome company too - it was such a good sunday to walk around and just hang out (and compare notes on life and media and living in sunny california, even if its' rainy right now)

So yeah, I've mostly been trying to balance dog and work and ear and the quiet of my apartment (which i'm not the hugest fan of - it makes it really easy to just keep clicking 'next' on netflix to fill the silence instead of getting things done). Our semester ends the week after Turkey day, so that's coming up all in a rush too.
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Ok, so, I have to say at the outset that this is all me meandering because Mom has all the pictures from the first half of our trip. My camera battery died and I didn't nab a new one until we got back to Yokohama.

so, the word for 'lake' in Japanese is 'ko' when appended to a name like Kawaguchi )

Next up: Karoke and Kyoto!
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fear: The dog tripped my mom on a walk last Friday night, and she fell and got a couple of hairline fractures in her pelvic bone. There was a bit of chaos at the beginning - she was trying to make arrangements for the dog while in stuck in the hospital the middle of the night with her body totally hurting her. We've been able to talk every day since then and she's been back at home for a day, settling in and making arrangements to handle being off her feet for the next couple of weeks entirely. Honestly, she's pretty amazing and is working her way one by one through all of the things she needs to, but I still wish I could do more than be on the phone with her.

fire: One of the apartments in my grandfather's complex got set on fire this weekend as well. Luckily he wasn't affected much (though I guess his apartment smells like smoke) and is totally safe, but it was like apocalypse weekend.

foes: speaking of that, I've been watching hurricane coverage and photos and facebook and worrying about everyone who is affected by the weather in the States. I hope y'all were/are as safe and protected and made it through ok.

awake: ok, so, ANYONE WHO HAS A DIRECT LINK TO MY ARTWORK BEWARE - AFTER 03/2013 THOSE IMAGES WILL BE GONE - Due to LJ's most recent beta-feature (a modified "friends" page that strips custom design and turns it into a bad copy of facebook/tumbler/delicious) I won't be renewing my paid account. This means I will lose my scrapbook (where I host all of my fan images). I will be looking for a new image host, but all the current links will eventually be broken on 3/2013. Sorry guys. As soon as Dreamwidth offers an image hosting option, I'll be buying that and uploading/transferring things there, to be sure, but they're a ways off (and that's ok with me, i will wait for them).

i haven't been a huge prostelizer of Dreamwidth, but I am now - please consider getting an account over there if you don't have one, and cross posting? I'll help you set it up if you want? it takes like 10 min at the most. I don't want to lose friends, but when the new design goes live I won't be checking my LJflist.
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I spent a wonderful week at my Dad's, though it was a bit more of a marathon than a relaxing week (since apparently my idea of relaxing does not necessarily include getting up at 7:30 am to make an 8:30 am water aerobics class - but I did, every week day I was there!). I had a ton of fun, and for the first time in a while both my parents there were in really good spaces and so we had the kind of talks I've come to treasure deeply where we don't shy away from the scary stuff. These conversations are good, like lancing a boil or something, even though a little painful having to admit things hurt or things weren't fun, or whatever, still feeling better after working through it. Oh dear gods, sorry, hopefully that was slightly articulate. Anyway, I got to have those one on one conversations with both my dad and my stepmom at different times, but on the back porch of the house in the quiet when voices go a little meditative. My stepmom and I are pretty emotionally similar in a lot of ways, and really this time for me the best part was getting to tell her that I was worried when I went to visit earlier in the summer about her not being particularly happy, and that I was relieved that essential spark that so delights me about her was back (she's gone vegan and done some other things and she's feeling a thousand times better, and it shows with both her and my dad). And I never want to forget being out on that same porch in the evening having a much shorter (but no less meaningful) conversation with my father, who in his own way was telling me he's proud of me. He talked about how what I'm doing is something no one else in our family really has - the getting of the phd - and that mentioning of the difference is his way of pointing out that i'm doing something good in his eyes. Made me happy.

Also me and my stepmom managed to do our part for the failing american economy (or, as [livejournal.com profile] gray_ghost put it, 'they probably took pity on you since you don't have any money') and i was taking new clothes shopping, to get my hair cut, and my toes and nails done. I put on one of my new dresses the next day and my dad grunted (such is his way) that he liked this new one. When I asked how he knew it was new, he pointed out with a sardonic laugh that he'd seen all my other clothes so many times he could recognize what was in my closet and what had just been added to it.

So, after that, normally I'd drive back to LA and turn into a closeted pumpkin for a couple of days - reading old fanfic, watching some bad tv, and taking the dog on a walk, but not much else.

Instead, though, a friend of mine was in town doing some consulting work on a site and so she came to visit the same night I got back! We went to dinner that first night, then came back home and caught up with the first couple of episodes of True Blood. Friday she was back out at her work site, while I ran errands and got some of the tasks on my mental to do list finished; we saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (which was its own brand of hilarious) that night. And then yesterday spent the day watching the first season of Spartacus while preparing for a party since some of my friends who were out of town when I ABD'd wanted to celebrate since they were back. Thus, well, Saturday night = party. Today we went to the Getty and wandered around the gardens and a couple of wings, and now, well, frankly, I'm pooped.

We were talking about going up to Griffith Park tonight to do the planetarium (because planetariums are awesome, hello!) but since she's taking a nap right now I may suggest postponing that until tomorrow night.

Oh gods, tomorrow. Tomorrow I start summer school and oh dear gods i really wish i didn't have to. but, i do, so today is my last day for having to moan about *having to go* (i make no promises about not moaning about things like the damn workload, because it's not going to be light). It's a rotten schedule since it takes about an hour to get across town, i'm going to be carpooling with co-student, and i have to talk to her at 7:45 am.

I. am. not. good. with. mornings.

Actually, the truth is I'm great with mornings as long as I don't have to talk to people until at least an hour after I wake up. If I can get up, get some coffee, go outside, check email, get in the car, listen to the radio on my way to school, then I am GREAT after all that. But most of the summer, since the time I naturally tend to wake up is about 9 am, I'm going to be forcing myself to wake, but I will inevitably snooze until the last minute, and I will then be jamming what should be an hour's worth of waking up into something like 20 minutes of time, and be carpooling with this woman so we can save money and have to *blerg* talk to her *blerg*. I would be displeased if I was doing this with anyone, frankly. Even my mom learned not to talk to me in the mornings during highschool (and the lesson still hasn't worn off 20 years later).

school. oh well.
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I finished a four day whirlwind spring break visit with my family. Then spent the other three days kind of farting around at home procrastinating (well, sorta). Welcome home to me ;) It was really good to see them, all three parents. and all three sisters too. This all started because my eldest sister wanted to do a family picture of my stepmom and her daughters.

The sad part was that when I got there my stepmom was shaken up because she'd had a massive fight with my littlest sister/adopted cousin. oh, the emotional merry go round )

I suppose the entire thing has made me morbidly thinky. )

Anyway, after that was two days with my mom in the foothills. Also good, though she's stressed because she's working on a big case and doesn't have enough time to actually do that and all the other cases. When her business is up, it's up, when it's down, it's down, unfortunately.

She also wanted me to teach her how to use the note-taking portions of acrobat (don't know if you guys know/use the comment functions, but they're handy if you're constantly reading PDFs and needing to underline). My problem is that my teaching style is to give someone a bunch of options and then allow them to choose their own most convenient style of using a program .... which stresses Mom out because I think she's possibly thinking she has to use every option I showed her. We made it through though.

Even if I am getting tech support calls from her on a daily basis :) At least that's something I can actually, you know, do with reasonable confidence.

She also, because she's a goddess, bought me a kindle fire. So yep, I'm now on that bandwagon! I'm super excited to use it for class stuff, especially now that so many books can be bought in digital formats. I'm a bit sad about joining the amazon empire - it seems more evil than google, though I'm pretty sure they're both equally evil and I just can't tell. But I figure even if I'm part of the empire, I haven't, like, taken a contract job to work on the death star yet or anything, so you know, I have only a bit of tarnish on my soul.

Ok, speaking of evil google, just had an exciting gmail moment - I actually don't mind that they have little bots scanning the text of my email before I send it if that bot asks me "hey, did you want to attach something because you wrote 'attached are' in the text of your email" .... because 1/2 the time I send emails with attachments I forget to actually attach the suckers.

To work, perchance to read!
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The menu worked out so amazing I want to go and do everything over again. But the fun of holiday cooking is getting to explore other things, so possibly not?

all the dishes and links to the recipes )

(and then, when we had everything again the next day, we also did orange-cranberry sauce!)

And, a Turkey Day Picspam:

the four ladies of thanksgiving invite you in )

As you may have noticed from the image up there (and the pics) I got to celebrate my turkey day with [livejournal.com profile] elizabuffy & my mom & amber! We had an amazing time - lots of eating, lots of (slightly unplanned) car riding, a planetarium show, an awesome silent movie, a bbc sherlock marathon, and seriously amazing company. Sadly EB & Amber took off this morning for other parts, but I get to keep mom for a couple more days. My brain is offline enough that I can't come up with the perfectest words to express how awesome the entire couple of days were, so you'll have to just take my word for it. For all this? I'm thankful.

*hugs you all*
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Last picspam for a while, I promise! But since it's still January I get to still post holiday pictures, especially since they were taken this year!

The Tesla coil invites you in with its sparkly purple and blue energy )
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What should have been a six hour car ride turned into a 9 hour car ride.  My body still thinks that I'm hurtling through the world in that steel contraption.  If someone told me right now that I had to get back in it, I would probably beat them in the face with a wet fish, screaming "no!" at the top of my lungs.

Unsurprisingly, that means no long post for me.  I wish I could write paragraphs extolling the joys of my turkey day visit with my families.  In the interest of time and my still slightly trembling arms, I give you instead the bullet points of paragraphs I would be composing:
  • home made (from scratch) pumpkin biscuits, pear-jicama-pomegranate salad, succulent turkey breast, brussel sprouts, orange-cinnamon-cranberry sauce
  • Pumpkin Soup cooked in the pumpkin (with goat cheese and cream)
  • dog walking in freezing cold weather and the tree that lost it's leaves overnight
  • fuzzy sheets!
  • MOM!!
  • little girls having tea parties
  • Dog & Mom: fabulous.
  • Dog & Dad/Nephews/Sisters: amazingly, surprisingly good.
  • Saturday rain dog walking; dog deprivation; dog obsession; dog aggression
  • rewriting mental images
  • finally that random talk i was looking for
  • pumpkin chunkin
  • family history and women's suffrage
  • my nephew(s)' drug use ... one lack, one obviously not
  • smoking, the doing of, the discussion of, the companionship, the cheerful 'you know you'll die don't you, we just want to tell you an awful story' ribbing
  • grandma, death, dying (but not dead yet)
  • prosciutto wrapped dates stuffed with pecans and parmesian - harder to make than you think - salami stuffed with cream cheese, prosciutto feta basil pinwheels
  • my expanding waist line
  • new shoes, printer, wet jet, chinese stool, and sheets!

Oh my god even the bullets are too long! well, maybe that gives you an idea?  Glad to be home, but it was a great trip, not long enough at all (well, the drive home was too long, but the rest went by too quick)
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Let's start, shall we, with a little picture of the mountains:

I had forgotten how much fun driving is.  And seriously, the route I took from Southern to Northern california is really boring through most of the drive, and yet, I had the grandest time.  My ipod failed, so I had to search for radio stations, and ended up finding wonderful crappy music to play and sing to, and got to drive on roads I hadn't taken in years.  And stop whenever I wanted.  And just hang out with myself.  It was a great time.

picspam, and probably too many words all together, but i couldn't resist. you can totally just look at the pictures if you want! )
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In the best kind of 'when it rains it pours' kind of scenario, last night my journal got discovered by [livejournal.com profile] ask_captianjack , [livejournal.com profile] ask_aboutcoffee , [livejournal.com profile] ask_arealdoctor , [livejournal.com profile] timeagency , [livejournal.com profile] gwen_e_cooper , [livejournal.com profile] ask_janet , [livejournal.com profile] ask_exterminate , and [livejournal.com profile] ask_adeaddoctor ... and you were all AWESOME.  I looked up after a quiet day of cleaning to find my inbox filled with comments.  That had all come in in the space of 10 minutes.  The deluge!

I only wish I could have played longer, but sadly had to leave for a dinner with the boyfriend's parents. 

But, I tried to make this offer in the comments and I'll make it again here - for any in the Askworld who would like to read my paper on it, I'm happy to share!  Just PM me with your email, because I would absolutely adore comments, feedback, thoughts, discussion.  The only reason why I'm not posting it publicly to my journal is that I do hope to publish it at some point, and it's easier to do that if I don't post publicly here first.

and now, for the restaurant reviews?

for tuesday at bacaro )

for thursday at cobras y matadors )

for friday at susan feniger's street )

And since then?  I've done absolutely nothing.  Ha.  It is really nice to finally be on vacation except for paper rewriting / reworking.
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It may have been a turbulent flight last night (all the hot air kept us bipping and bopping all over the sky.... they didn't even give us drinks), but we made it safely back in time to say goodbye to D (she left early this morning to visit her other relatives for xmas), and to collapse after our not terribly long but kind of lovely busy day.

and oh my god I missed home )

I can't believe I had the hubris to do this, but my mom and I visited with my gradeschool music teacher (she's the one who cast me in the lead in our Nutcracker Play in 5th grade.... and I got to do the HMS Pinafore too) and I pretty much talked about myself the entire time.  It was a little strange, but also very cool )

The christmas luncheon we were supposed to go to turned out to be scheduled for after 3 pm (and we both needed to pack after 1:30), and so to make up for it we went out with my mom's friend for the best hamburgers in the county.  Diet, schmiet.

Today has been a day of ... well, we attempted to buy presents, we really did.  We ended up getting a ton of cheese )

Tomorrow we're off to do even more shopping (those last minute purchases are the most important, really!) and to buy food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner.

I hope all of you are having fun, smiling, or generally enjoying your evenings in some way....I'm pooped but I'm happy with mine :D

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