May. 15th, 2010

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Calling all Giles Fans!

We're extending our sign ups until we open for the summer -- that means sign ups are extended for another two weeks, until May 31!

Just in case you feel like taking a second day and you haven't already, or you want to encourage a couple of your friends to drop by.  Even though we only have two *entirely* open days, we certainly have lots and lots of days with only one person signed up -- and we'd love to see two per day for all the days!

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In the best kind of 'when it rains it pours' kind of scenario, last night my journal got discovered by [ profile] ask_captianjack , [ profile] ask_aboutcoffee , [ profile] ask_arealdoctor , [ profile] timeagency , [ profile] gwen_e_cooper , [ profile] ask_janet , [ profile] ask_exterminate , and [ profile] ask_adeaddoctor ... and you were all AWESOME.  I looked up after a quiet day of cleaning to find my inbox filled with comments.  That had all come in in the space of 10 minutes.  The deluge!

I only wish I could have played longer, but sadly had to leave for a dinner with the boyfriend's parents. 

But, I tried to make this offer in the comments and I'll make it again here - for any in the Askworld who would like to read my paper on it, I'm happy to share!  Just PM me with your email, because I would absolutely adore comments, feedback, thoughts, discussion.  The only reason why I'm not posting it publicly to my journal is that I do hope to publish it at some point, and it's easier to do that if I don't post publicly here first.

and now, for the restaurant reviews?

for tuesday at bacaro )

for thursday at cobras y matadors )

for friday at susan feniger's street )

And since then?  I've done absolutely nothing.  Ha.  It is really nice to finally be on vacation except for paper rewriting / reworking.

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