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Fic Title: Caged Bird
Author: [livejournal.com profile] condancer
Rating: PG
Words: 10,600
Summary: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert first met at music camp when they were both young and idealistic. Despite making a special connection, they went their separate ways. Ten years later, they find each other again. All it takes is a song, a dream, and the courage to fly free.

this way for the rest of the images - beware, textual spoilers! )
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Fic Title: Sleeping to Die at AO3
Author: [livejournal.com profile] cerenityks
Rating: R
Word Count: 8064
Warnings: Violence, Light Language, Supernatural Elements

Summary: They met, for the first time, completely by accident. It was at some function or another, thrown by someone undoubtedly rich with too much time on their hands. Adam couldn’t even remember if the person was human or not, only that he had been invited to a party, and who was he to refuse a chance to get dressed up?

this way for the rest of the images - beware, textual spoilers! )
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wow, so I forgot to post my [livejournal.com profile] summer_of_giles artwork in my own journal (cuz I am clueless). SO, here, without adieu... Giles! Lots of Giles!

I have below a bunch of images with some of the awesome lines Giles said (ok, one that was said about him, but I couldn't resist)

this way to the sexy fuddy duddy )

I pulled a couple of words that seemed to me to be sort of descriptions of Giles, and you get graphics!

charming, stylish, sorrow, scoobie, watcher )

Alt AttheSameTim3e

liked any of the images from before? cool! here are icons made from those! )

Oh Giles, he is a man of many words, but few absolute definitions )
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[personal profile] littleotter73 was gracious enough and awesome in taking the plunge on asking for fandom art, and asked me to illustrate two of her fabulous fics. So without further ado I give you the movie posters for Chasing Daylight and Of Hurricanes and Spitfires (both Buffy/Giles fics, and totally fantastic reads). Ever image links directly to its fic - just click away!!


and the rest of the images are inside in their full glory )

check her out and let her know you loved her work!!!
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I can't believe it myself. Part of it is [livejournal.com profile] elizabuffy's fault (no, really, blame her for the Tommy stuff, really). But she got me back in a groove, and, well, here you go. Then Adam Lambert put out his werewolf video and, um, yeah, that shit is unreal. If you want any of these customized I'm happy to do so and it'll take a tiny second!

i know, i don't believe it either - you will find icons and banners of Adam, Tommy, Kris, Adam/Tommy and Adam/Kris )

Also, in other weird randomness, I got bored and was in an LKH thread and saw the new impeccably tacky book cover (for another one of her books I won't be buying). For whatever reason that prompted me to make alternative book covers for all her books. And then while I was making them I realized they're pretty derivative, but whatever, I don't actually care. I wish these had been the covers when I was buying them.

I'm just going to say it's some weird form of LKH mind control )
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So, the amusing thing is that January seems to be wolf month, or something.  Last year it was [personal profile] akavertigo's ideas about Lupercalia, and this year it's

[livejournal.com profile] werewolfbigbang
rules & info l author sign up l artist sign up

come play!
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The Master List at [livejournal.com profile] kink_bigbang is live! Check out all the fics and give them love?

Also, I did arts!

Fic: link to the master index of Complications by [personal profile] siricerasi
Fandom: Dark Blue
Pairing: Jaimie Allen/Dean Bendis

summary and art is this way! )

Fic: link to the fic by [personal profile] aoifes_isle (forthcoming)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Jess Parker/Hilary Becker

summary and art is this way! )

And in thanks to people who were helping OTW's fund drive, I did these pretties (all images link to the corresponding fic if there is one):

remember, click the picture for the story! )
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] chosenfire28 (even though she was doing it for an awesome challenge....


in all their glory )

ETA: Totally screwed up the meme as it was fantasy and I read fictional. *i am such a dork*
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OTW logo: red circle with an arrow. Text reads: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive October 9-16, 2011

I know this is REALLY late, but you know, OTW is a good cause and life has been hectic for me. That being said, better late than not at all.

That being said, I have a special offer for anyone who is willing to make a last minute donation to OTW's October fund drive. GRAPHICS! I am willing to make you a graphic of your choice (fannishly related - movie posters, icon sets, wallpapers, banners, lj layouts) as a gift for your donation to OTW.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH OTW - it's just me offering what I can to encourage you! So, for the first 10 people who are willing to make a donation to OTW (in any amount) that comment here? You will get a thank you graphic of your choosing.

Make sense? Mostly? Some? Questions? Comments? Desires? Let me know!

4 of 10 slots remaining!

(oh, also, i'll keep this open until 10 people have taken me up on my offer even if it goes beyond tonight - it's not like OTW is going to stop needing donations when the fund drive closes)
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for the first part I went classic - classic Giles.  I have a couple of reworked images and some icons of what I consider my favorite Giles-y pics. 


cuz no matter if it's black, white, or color, he looks good )

Then I started on the pairings.  These are designed as movie posters / book covers and are kind of character studies of Giles through the early seasons (1-4)!

oh giles, you are awesome, every season )

Finally, I'm doing this series of moments when I felt like Giles had great chemistry with another character.  One of my favorite comes from Bad Girls, when Wesley first arrives, and Buffy and Giles are in perfect accord.  Just thinking about that scene makes me smile.

so i give you 'please' )

The second actually comes from a moment that makes me tear up just a little - it's from the musical, when Tara and Giles are both acknowledging that they can't continue their relationships with two other people in the same form - because that's destructive for them both.  The staging of this scene is so beautiful it breaks my heart.  I always wondered what might happen if they were able to comfort each other, even just as friends.

And so I give you... 'stay' )

For Giles & Wes though, it's not so much one single moment, but instead a series of them standing just too close to each other, looking so cute in their suits and cleaning their glasses together.  The way Wes is so absolutely silly and Giles is so sardonic just makes me grin. 

So i give you 'The Two Watchers' )

[personal profile] polly1esther 's hilarious vid The Odd Couple totally reminded me that for a brief moment (well, sorta half a season) Giles & Spike lived together as uneasy roommates.  There was teasing, and blood drinking, and some astonishment at the guitar playing.  

So I give you my version of the odd couple )

And finally... there are very few times when Giles and Oz directly interact (though I can think of some fairly fraught ones pertaining to Oz getting to his cage on time in highschool). But there's this one moment in Season 4 in Harsh Light of Day where Oz says what he says in the poster below, and Giles almost stops what he's doing to listen to an album, when they're in perfect accord. And I LOVED that moment.

So I give you 'Music Men' )

Hope you like!

and again, you are welcome to use these images in any capacity you like (even to make new artworks of them!). All I ask is that you a) credit, and b) let me know what you do so I can see what you made :D
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The really nice people who bid on me probably didn't think they'd have to wait until June to get what they bid on, but at least I did them eventually!  And yes, there are still a couple outstanding but I'm done with the bulk of them and wanted to post about it!

Thus, I give you my [livejournal.com profile] help_japan graphics (hell, i'm gonna do a teaser since I'm so pleased to have done these!)

let me know what you think - i was feeling a little psychedelic these last couple of days )
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I keep forgetting to post these to my own journal.  I am lame.  Spring with Xan happened.  I posted.  So maybe I'm not totally lame - especially since I am posting them now!

I use graphics this size for fic & music covers in itunes, but they also work as banners and other stuff :D Hope you like!


just a couple of banners )


some pairing headers and another xander-only graphic this way! )
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Getting better.  Still have a great hacking cough, but I don't think I'm quite hacking as much as I was yesterday.  I get better in percents - say about 5% a day.  Which means, of course, that spring break has been eaten by the cold.

 In good news
  • got funding for summer!
  • got into Middlebury for summer!
  • parents are going to help for summer so i might even be able to go there!!
  • did laundry today including weird things like shower curtains (this is why it's worth it to buy fabric shower curtains - you can wash them)
  • dog is totally passed out from actually playing at the dog park, and we had a new first - she chased a ball when i threw it outside! This is a benchmark, really it is.  Mom had this idea that since Domino only fetched inside, that maybe fetching was  a play thing she only really did when she was relaxed and comfortable somewhere.  If that is true (which I think it might) then she's feeling like the dog park is her space
  • i am clean!  oh, and Trader Joes has this tingly tea tree body wash that actually tingles.... pleasing.
  • oh yeah, stopped smoking last friday... have had minor urges but have quelled them.  am looking forward to unstinky life in the future.

In things yet to do )

Wow, ok, the todo list could be way worse.  That's a relief.

Thank you to everybody who has bid on a movie poster!!  There's still open spots if anyone else has $5 to donate to relief in Japan and wants one .... my thread is here.

Other than that, nothing major is going on except for some amusing gossip that the ex may be in the market for boyfriends as well as girlfriends ... at least according to his facebook profile as tweeted to me by another friend.  (and Miranda, if you read this, call me, will ya? we need to discuss in person!)  Life is never dull is it?
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Hi guys, I've been down with a hacking cough and just started recovering from the fever chills today. And so it may be late and there may not be time, but if you could, please consider bidding (on me or anyone else there):

I have offered 10 Movie Posters here for a starting bid of $5.

I have absolutely no money, but this.... is is about my country away from home guys. And they are in desperate need.

also, from the flist:
[livejournal.com profile] akavertigo is offering AI fic here
[personal profile] sahiya is offering DrWho & White Collar fic here
[livejournal.com profile] thefourthvine is offering reviews here
[livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni is offering Jossverse or Discworld fic here
[livejournal.com profile] secondalto is offering fic for a variety of fandoms and pairings here
[livejournal.com profile] elementalv is offering fic for a variety of fandoms here
[livejournal.com profile] jeyhawk is offering a whole bunch of stuff including fic here
[livejournal.com profile] nymphaea1 is offering AI fic here

I would bid on ALLL of them if I had any money to do so. And if I missed your offering post please comment and let me know!!

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