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Like seriously, went bowling Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday and got the lowest score, and our high scorers were in the ~100 points range. I don't think I broke 50? For *any* of the games we played. I do know the logic of bowling, but my fingers are too thick to fit into the holes properly. [insert a holes/fingering joke here now if you're so inclined... it seems appropriate] So I ended up mostly dropping the ball instead of actually throwing it. I spent most of one game throwing granny style with both hands just so my wrist didn't get entirely thrown out of whack. Still fun though - giggling and mugging for each other, celebrating every single pin being knocked down, and marveling at the computer graphics (we can now pick exciting under the sea theme games so there are cute little fish animations adding up our scores).

Spent last night with a friend who is trying to process her mom's cancer diagnosis - she just spent two weeks with her family while her mom had emergency surgery for a cyst, and it was the worst news on the biopsy - it's metastasized. Twenty years ago I think cancer terminology entered into the common vocabulary, but it's weird to think that fifty years ago there wouldn't be these words that have meaning for us now: cyst, benign, biopsy, lymph notes, metastasized, chemo, and the rest. Of course she's trying to process and it's all uneven, because like so many of us with family her relationship with her parents is conflicted, and with her larger family it's confusing, and with her sibling it's difficult. And part of the reason why we're such good friends is that we both have a savior complex a mile wide and a couple of miles deep. There's something about being there that we're both so sure makes all the difference (and it sometimes can, because it's family, and we understand family in almost instinctual ways -- but that sometimes isn't the most healthy move, for the family or for us). Anyway, we sat and talked and pet the puppy, and went for a long dinner where we caught up. It was really good. Maybe not as much processing as she could use or need, but maybe it was enough to give her a space to be away, and to smile for an hour, and to just breathe.

Oh, and to rehang the party lights. I wanted them moved so they'd actually hang over my little cafe table outside and it only took me (and friend, since I needed one person to hang and one person to hold the strings) almost a month to do it!

But the thing that's making me really smile the most right now is that I bought myself an adult chair! If I've done this right you should be able to click it and see the beautiful picture from the website. I love it. I keep petting it. I can't stop sitting in it, either, which I know - that's the point, right? But also makes me realize how much I sit in one place in my living room.

What about you guys? Do you have a living room and you move around from couch to chair? Or are you like me and you have one chair (ok, I now have three chairs, but one is broken down, the other is the housemate's chair, and the third is my new chair) and you pretty much stay in that chair all the time? Searching my memory, my stepmom has "her" space on the couch that she's had for years...and my mom certainly has had her favorites that she stuck to. So at least I come by it via the parents, even if no one else has their "spot" in their living room.

eta: dear gods I originally started this post thinking I was going to wax nostalgic over files I found on my backup drive, meander through my job prospects and what my writing plans are for the week, and blather about being afraid of moving... the best laid plans, eh?
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I'm in love with the new XKCD comic about practicing literacy, which I'm sure you all already saw. There's nothing wrong with practice, nothing.

Other links:
01. 50 Years of NHK Television (this is the national television station of Japan - it's cool stuff)

02. 7 Black Women Science Fiction writers everyone should know. I will straight up admit I need to read many of the women on this list.

03. Millions of Scanned Images - this is an amazing resource AND a way to literally lose hours of your life. (or it links to the flickr album that will suck your time but delight your eyes) I searched Japan and found scanned photographs of Japan in 1900. So cool. Like this one:

Image from page 200 of "Hildreth's "Japan as it was and is" : a handbook of old Japan" (1907)

And with me? What have I been doing?


a. started looking for new housemate (my current is moving to San Diego for a job)
b. classes started and while I'm not taking them, I am going to school for talks
c. probably am trying to go on the job market this fall if I can get another chapter written by October (which I will do, because my dissertation writing group needs something to read, and I have to mail it to them by the end of September).
d. am single. not in an apocalypse kind of way, though, hopefully.
e. went back to the Getty and the Norton Simon museums, so I feel all full up on art
f. guided a friend through her qualifying exams while she stays with me (she's moving to France for a year and needed a place to crash for the month between the end of her lease and her move)
g. rewatching Teen Wolf with friend from (f). She noted, and I agree, that show is sometimes smarter than it knows. And often dumber than it wants to be.
h. translated the most important piece of scholarship (so far) I found in Japan
i. have gone to breakfast parties, and walks out to Santa Monica, been out for drinks to celebrate (f)'s birthday, had a party at my house to celebrate her passing her quals
j. participated in nostalgic photo posting on facebook last night that led to a three hour conversation with my college roommate, who i dearly love. and who is moving to hawaii and contemplating buying an island.
k. bought a bust of Apollo for my mom for her birthday present, a side table for my living room, eaten out, made a lot of chicken (A LOT OF CHICKEN) and started reading the Discworld Sam Vimes books again for fun (and to make me fall asleep).

so far, that'll do.
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the picspam to end all picpams (or: kate was being lazy and productive at the same time and that means pictures were organized - because after all, organization = productivity, right?)

a huntinton garden rose
invites you in ...

Random sept photos of my house, neighborhood, and parents )

And then there was Halloween, Los Feliz style )

Adventures at the Huntington Gardens )

Thanksgiving (or my Mom's backyard) )

it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, even at Thanksgiving )

the end! thank you for looking!!

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