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I don't know if any of you are into alternative modes of transportation that have arisen in the last couple of years, but if you live in LA like me, they pretty much have transformed the landscape. It used to be if I wanted to use a cab )

So yay for Uber and Lyft! )

So yay for Uber and Lyft!? )

I wrote all that so I could get to this.

Here's a horror story of someone who, because she refuses to accept technology, got completely shafted. Here's a horror story that I don't quite know the moral lesson to.

My ex-housemate from Japan (remember her? I'll try to tag this post appropriately if you don't) is someone who eschews mobile technologies. She's very frugal so I think she doesn't have a smart phone so that she can save money. She also pretty much refuses to text people. It's been a source of irritation for others of our friends just because that is an easy way to communicate that's pretty ubiquitous. I haven't talked to her about it, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a texting plan.

So she went to a conference on the east coast a couple of weeks ago, and she had to get a ride back to the airport. Apparently the public transit system was on the fritz due to a storm. The taxi line was really long. An Uber guy pulled up alongside the taxi stand and she decided to take it.

However, because she doesn't have the app on her phone, she gave her credit card to the driver, who said he could input her card into his phone - it would charge her for the amount they drove.

What was supposed to be a $50 charge (long drive to the airport) turned into a $300 charge.

That's right - $300.

And because she gave her card to the driver, she didn't even get a receipt for the transaction (all of these apps email you receipts in-app). Her bank won't let her fight it, because she can't show a receipt. She's probably going to be out $300 because she didn't use the service in the way it was intended. And because she took a risk going with a driver who then bilked her out of money (oh, and the charge to her card is UberBlack - their limo service... so she may have gotten ripped off because that WAS the charge for the service, not the $50 the driver told her).

Crazypants huh? I think so too.
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Like seriously, went bowling Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday and got the lowest score, and our high scorers were in the ~100 points range. I don't think I broke 50? For *any* of the games we played. I do know the logic of bowling, but my fingers are too thick to fit into the holes properly. [insert a holes/fingering joke here now if you're so inclined... it seems appropriate] So I ended up mostly dropping the ball instead of actually throwing it. I spent most of one game throwing granny style with both hands just so my wrist didn't get entirely thrown out of whack. Still fun though - giggling and mugging for each other, celebrating every single pin being knocked down, and marveling at the computer graphics (we can now pick exciting under the sea theme games so there are cute little fish animations adding up our scores).

Spent last night with a friend who is trying to process her mom's cancer diagnosis - she just spent two weeks with her family while her mom had emergency surgery for a cyst, and it was the worst news on the biopsy - it's metastasized. Twenty years ago I think cancer terminology entered into the common vocabulary, but it's weird to think that fifty years ago there wouldn't be these words that have meaning for us now: cyst, benign, biopsy, lymph notes, metastasized, chemo, and the rest. Of course she's trying to process and it's all uneven, because like so many of us with family her relationship with her parents is conflicted, and with her larger family it's confusing, and with her sibling it's difficult. And part of the reason why we're such good friends is that we both have a savior complex a mile wide and a couple of miles deep. There's something about being there that we're both so sure makes all the difference (and it sometimes can, because it's family, and we understand family in almost instinctual ways -- but that sometimes isn't the most healthy move, for the family or for us). Anyway, we sat and talked and pet the puppy, and went for a long dinner where we caught up. It was really good. Maybe not as much processing as she could use or need, but maybe it was enough to give her a space to be away, and to smile for an hour, and to just breathe.

Oh, and to rehang the party lights. I wanted them moved so they'd actually hang over my little cafe table outside and it only took me (and friend, since I needed one person to hang and one person to hold the strings) almost a month to do it!

But the thing that's making me really smile the most right now is that I bought myself an adult chair! If I've done this right you should be able to click it and see the beautiful picture from the website. I love it. I keep petting it. I can't stop sitting in it, either, which I know - that's the point, right? But also makes me realize how much I sit in one place in my living room.

What about you guys? Do you have a living room and you move around from couch to chair? Or are you like me and you have one chair (ok, I now have three chairs, but one is broken down, the other is the housemate's chair, and the third is my new chair) and you pretty much stay in that chair all the time? Searching my memory, my stepmom has "her" space on the couch that she's had for years...and my mom certainly has had her favorites that she stuck to. So at least I come by it via the parents, even if no one else has their "spot" in their living room.

eta: dear gods I originally started this post thinking I was going to wax nostalgic over files I found on my backup drive, meander through my job prospects and what my writing plans are for the week, and blather about being afraid of moving... the best laid plans, eh?
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My mom is visiting for a week down here in sunny la-la-land, and so far we've managed to totally goof around without real plans - though we did go see Spy on Saturday and gave my landlady's front yard a facelift Sunday (it needed it). I'm trying to make it so we're more lazy than not just so when she goes back home she feels rested. Like tonight we're going to a comedy show, but since the meditation center we wanted to go to is closed on Monday, we're hanging out at home.

My landlady is finally showing her house to renters (anyone want a 2 br 1&1/2 ba in Los Feliz?), hence us helping clean up the front yard. (I live in the guest house in the back and while it looks like a converted garage it's really a two-bedroom open plan apartment that they laid foundation for and everything.) However, the people who have renovated the house have pretty much done so at the expense of the front yard, and the flower bed running around the perimeter was filled with old pots and slightly used supplies (grout bags anyone?) and some of the grass had been painted when the painter set up to repaint the house. All in all it looked pretty terrible. We moved border stones and for about $50 bought some pansies and a couple of bags of bark, rearranged the half-dead (but still alive) potted plants that were already there and made it so things have a shape and it feels like someone likes living there. It was really cool. I love gardening with my mom, and it was great to do it in my neighborhood too.

And in fannish things it was my day at Summer of Giles and I committed fic, which is really fucking weird, because I haven't in years. At least I did the art to go with it, so there's are there and stuff, and that feels normal.

Think it's gonna rain? (Giles/Faith, PG for language) Instead of using the device on Buffy when she wakes up, what if the Mayor intended Faith to use it on Giles?

Pari Passau (with Equal Step) (Giles/Buffy, PG) Before the Cruciamentum there was the bond between Watcher and Slayer.
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now, for all the wittering about it )

I repaired my favorite chair! That utterly and totally broke on Sunday.

ok, i am in no way qualified to do upholstery or furniture repair )

I am pretty sure I've achieved a new housemate!

this after interviewing only 15 or so people this time )

Southern California is Burning!

ok, I think LA is mostly just experiencing a heat wave )

I have been watching Agents of SHIELD, Supernatural, Hannibal, Arrow, Elementary, Person of Interest, Game of Thrones, and FINALLY Veronica Mars

(but I am too tired right now to actually expound on them (except I did like the Agents of SHIELD finale too). Oh, and yes, Veronica Mars is awesome. :)
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I don't often curse, but holy shit you guys - I just managed to edit myself from 15 pages to 32 pages today!!!!

Admittedly this is the combination of a bunch of older things that I wrote for my qualifying exam responses, and then another piece that I wrote for my prospectus that I jettisoned because it was too much information at the wrong time (but never delete anything, for it will come in handy, i say!) and YES. In other words, I'm ahead of my 5-page (edited or written)/day page count goal. I was hoping by this point to be at 20 pages. Maybe I was ready to write this thing after all!

All this after interviewing three possible prospective new housemates - I'm in the market for a new one, since my current one has run out of money and hasn't found a job. She's moving back to New York at the end of the month. There's no super rush since she's paid up till the end of the month, but it would make her happier to have someone come in earlier, and I wouldn't mind the process of getting used to a new housemate. So far only one woman has applied, which is weird, but there's definitely two possible candidates that I feel good about, so that's something.

And I did succumb to the whole Star Wars thing a bit and am (re)watching the movies. In Episode I - Episode VI order. (of course I started late in the day, and you know, did other stuff, so I'm only on Episode II) I am reminded that there is very little that is good about the early episodes. But it has made grading papers (which I'm also doing - got about 10 done today) bearable. The bad dialogue is just about as bad as my student's writing.

and onto the meme thing: what I'm afraid of )
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(just on a meta note, i suck at this posting every day thing. i'm still going to keep track of things just to see how long it takes me to get to 30)

I drove approximately 1,000 miles last weekend. Started Friday from LA to my parent's house in Sacramento (with a detour to the airport to pick up the boyfriend). Then an early morning drive to Mill Valley to the wedding hotel to meet up with the parents. Then wedding, and an overnight in Mill Valley, to wake up the next morning, drive back to Sacramento to have brunch with my Mom for her birthday, back to the other parents' house to pick up the dog, and back to LA again to be ready for class on Monday.

Insane doesn't begin to cover it.

The great things about the weekend:

The wedding was beautiful! And totally entertaining - the bride and her bridesmaids did a lip sync dance to a Supremes song, and the groom and his groomsmen did a whole crazy pants dance to Michael Jackson songs. Hilarious, and really good too. My dad and stepmom danced together and were so CUTE it was ridiculous. The boyfriend and I got into geeky conversations with our table at dinner about Sherlock.

Since I drove, we got to pick up my little sister and take her back to Sacramento, which meant talking and catching up on the hour and a half drive both ways, which was just *good* family time, even if she was hung over. Both ways. ;)

For the first time in a couple of years I got to actually SEE my Mom on her birthday, and we celebrated it with her, even if it wasn't for long. And in great hobbit tradition she gave me a present - an herb keeper that goes in the fridge and keeps your herbs from dying for like two weeks.

In order to get the homework done while driving the boyfriend read about 100 pages out loud to me on the drive -- 100 pages of a Korean classic the Cloud Dream of Nine. It was pretty cool actually, and waaaay better entertainment than the radio or a book on tape because we talked about hilarious or weird or interesting parts all along the way. He's a much more perceptive reader than most of my actual students (though I would expect so - that phd wasn't just a flimsy piece of paper, and both of us did go to UCSC).

Monday night we went for dinner at my friends H & M's house and our other friend M came and I just *love* them... also the food was tasty - something called taco soup - that was super simple but still warm and awesome, just like them. We sat around and chatted till late in the evening.

and ok, the un-fun list of things this weekend )

there you have it! I am trying to make a promise to myself not to do anything quite that crazy again (or believe that I can). I'm still coughing, and still sick (no surprise there - it's not like I had down time to actually recover or anything), and sadly the boyfriend has developed his own version of the sickness. I am a horrible girlfriend: he came out to california to visit and went home with a cold. At least we also got coasters as our wedding presents, so that wasn't his only souvenir. And he beat me at chess, as usual, so you know, he's got that going for him.

ETA: sadly my dropbox does not want me to share photos, so i had to remove them... somehow i'll figure out how to share them and show off my awesome parents dancing in the dim light of an iphone!
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And not in a fun 80s song kind of way. It's been regular temperatures here in la la land during the day (well, regular september temps anyway - 90s, but mid 90s ish) but for the last couple of days it hasn't cooled off at night.

this is *really* problematic. it's the good part about living in a dessert without air conditioner - as long as you can hold out until evening, when usually the temps drop below 70 at the least, and sometimes into the low 60s, the daytime heat is bearable.

Except the last four days it hasn't. and so our airconditioned apartment is turning into a heat trap. My housemate actually fled for a friend's ac-controlled apartment! i would too, but i'm kidn of an idiot and sometimes buckle into things i shouldn't, and besides, if the dog has to suffer through it i feel like i should too.

So instead i've got fans on, i'm sticking washcloths in the freezer to freeze and use as cooling towels, and basically both me and dog are sort of brain dead. Which is hilarious because i'm trying to get through 10 pages of japanese a day.

Which I'm using a pomodoro extension to do (thank you [personal profile] astolat)!

(and there's my timer - must go!)
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it's been hot in lalaland lately. and i know, most of you in the rest of the country/world live with summers filled with evil humidity - my favorite quote from Tom Robbins was something I thought was just fanciful imagination until I went to New Orleans and felt that humidity for myself.

The minute you land in New Orleans, something wet and dark leaps on you and starts humping you like a swamp dog in heat, and the only way to get the aspect of New Orleans off you is to eat it off. That means beignets and crayfish bisque and jambalaya, it means shrimp remoulade, pecan pie, and red beans with rice, it means elegant pompano au papillote, funky file z'herbes, and raw oysters by the dozen, it means grillades for breakfast, a po'boy with chowchow at bedtime, and tubs of gumbo in between. It is not unusual for a visitor to the city to gain fifteen pounds in a week - yet the alternative is a whole lot worse. If you don't eat day and night, if you don't constantly funnel the indigenous flavors in your bloodstream, then the mystery beast will go right on humping you, and you will feel its sordid presence rubbing against you long after you have left town. In fact, like any sex offender, it can leave permanent psychological scars.

Here's the thing - it's been in the high 90s every day for two weeks here in lalaland, two weeks of heat that isn't supposed to sidle up to us and grin in a lascivious kind of way, two weeks of more humidity than anyone is supposed to feel in the desert, and we're just not equipped to deal with it. I'm not equipped to deal with it. No air conditioner, no fan, no gumbo-type coping mechanisms.

Adding insult to injury three days this week the housemate came home and turned on the oven to cook dinner - effectively doubling the heat.

Basically I've felt like my brain is boiling with momentary fragments of fractured time spent breathing in relief as breezes come through the windows in the depths of the night. I haven't even been under a sheet in the evening.

Of course my brain is already a rat in a treadmill because in just about 13 days I am going to Japan for a year. A YEAR. And I can't grasp the enormity of the adventure - I keep seeing little flashes of what it will be like. Finding a grocery store in the neighborhood. Trying out local bars so I can hopefully speak to Japanese to actual natives, not just other grad students. Wondering how big my room is going to be, and looking at the outside of the apartment building and the neighborhood streets via google maps. Remembering the daily grind of last summer and hoping that I'll find some reserves of energy to do that again for the entire year.

But I'm having trouble planning for the weather. It snows in Yokohama in the winter (though I'm told it doesn't stick to the ground), and I can't even imagine Japan in the cold because I've always been there in the summer. To me Japan is a place where you take showers in the evening that cool you down before you sleep, where rain is mostly warm and makes you stickier, where it's often too hot to eat but the food is light enough that it seems refreshing (except for mugicha, which i hate, but that's ok, others can drink it).

oh well, i'll figure it out or be sending urgent messages home for more warm clothes.

and here, rewards for reading this far:

political link I wish my mother had aborted me. REALLY interesting pro-choice article posted at ONTD_political. I am amazed by the strength of the woman who posted her story, and it certainly is a counter-argument to those who claim abortion kills future productive members of our society (and seems to dismiss the affect it has on the current members)

fic rec Things That Haunt Us by [archiveofourown.org profile] emungere
Mal/Simon (Firefly) | NC-17 | 58,460 words
Mal’s brain is pleasantly fuzzy. His arm is slung around Zoe’s shoulders for support– his, not hers, since she of course is steady as a rock. It is summer on Greenleaf, or at least this particular part of Greenleaf, and the air is body-temperature warm and wet enough to swim through. His ears are buzzing gently, blocking out traffic noise and Zoe’s quiet complaints alike. He knows she is complaining because that is her accepted role at times like this. He is dizzy in that way you are when you’re drunk, when the world stands still but your brain is spinning slowly in your skull.
I don't often read Firefly fic, and am fairly standoffish about most of the pairings I find there, but I really liked this Mal/Simon - it's a great slow build that seems believable and yet really sweet. It takes place pre-Serenity, and should probably just be considered AU since it does its own thing, but could be considered case!fic too if you squint. Just read it, it's cool.
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I spent a wonderful week at my Dad's, though it was a bit more of a marathon than a relaxing week (since apparently my idea of relaxing does not necessarily include getting up at 7:30 am to make an 8:30 am water aerobics class - but I did, every week day I was there!). I had a ton of fun, and for the first time in a while both my parents there were in really good spaces and so we had the kind of talks I've come to treasure deeply where we don't shy away from the scary stuff. These conversations are good, like lancing a boil or something, even though a little painful having to admit things hurt or things weren't fun, or whatever, still feeling better after working through it. Oh dear gods, sorry, hopefully that was slightly articulate. Anyway, I got to have those one on one conversations with both my dad and my stepmom at different times, but on the back porch of the house in the quiet when voices go a little meditative. My stepmom and I are pretty emotionally similar in a lot of ways, and really this time for me the best part was getting to tell her that I was worried when I went to visit earlier in the summer about her not being particularly happy, and that I was relieved that essential spark that so delights me about her was back (she's gone vegan and done some other things and she's feeling a thousand times better, and it shows with both her and my dad). And I never want to forget being out on that same porch in the evening having a much shorter (but no less meaningful) conversation with my father, who in his own way was telling me he's proud of me. He talked about how what I'm doing is something no one else in our family really has - the getting of the phd - and that mentioning of the difference is his way of pointing out that i'm doing something good in his eyes. Made me happy.

Also me and my stepmom managed to do our part for the failing american economy (or, as [livejournal.com profile] gray_ghost put it, 'they probably took pity on you since you don't have any money') and i was taking new clothes shopping, to get my hair cut, and my toes and nails done. I put on one of my new dresses the next day and my dad grunted (such is his way) that he liked this new one. When I asked how he knew it was new, he pointed out with a sardonic laugh that he'd seen all my other clothes so many times he could recognize what was in my closet and what had just been added to it.

So, after that, normally I'd drive back to LA and turn into a closeted pumpkin for a couple of days - reading old fanfic, watching some bad tv, and taking the dog on a walk, but not much else.

Instead, though, a friend of mine was in town doing some consulting work on a site and so she came to visit the same night I got back! We went to dinner that first night, then came back home and caught up with the first couple of episodes of True Blood. Friday she was back out at her work site, while I ran errands and got some of the tasks on my mental to do list finished; we saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (which was its own brand of hilarious) that night. And then yesterday spent the day watching the first season of Spartacus while preparing for a party since some of my friends who were out of town when I ABD'd wanted to celebrate since they were back. Thus, well, Saturday night = party. Today we went to the Getty and wandered around the gardens and a couple of wings, and now, well, frankly, I'm pooped.

We were talking about going up to Griffith Park tonight to do the planetarium (because planetariums are awesome, hello!) but since she's taking a nap right now I may suggest postponing that until tomorrow night.

Oh gods, tomorrow. Tomorrow I start summer school and oh dear gods i really wish i didn't have to. but, i do, so today is my last day for having to moan about *having to go* (i make no promises about not moaning about things like the damn workload, because it's not going to be light). It's a rotten schedule since it takes about an hour to get across town, i'm going to be carpooling with co-student, and i have to talk to her at 7:45 am.

I. am. not. good. with. mornings.

Actually, the truth is I'm great with mornings as long as I don't have to talk to people until at least an hour after I wake up. If I can get up, get some coffee, go outside, check email, get in the car, listen to the radio on my way to school, then I am GREAT after all that. But most of the summer, since the time I naturally tend to wake up is about 9 am, I'm going to be forcing myself to wake, but I will inevitably snooze until the last minute, and I will then be jamming what should be an hour's worth of waking up into something like 20 minutes of time, and be carpooling with this woman so we can save money and have to *blerg* talk to her *blerg*. I would be displeased if I was doing this with anyone, frankly. Even my mom learned not to talk to me in the mornings during highschool (and the lesson still hasn't worn off 20 years later).

school. oh well.
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In the 'oh my gods i'm on vacation' spirit I listened to my old advisor and took the dog to the beach for the afternoon. This is a slightly more complicated process than you might think since there are no dogs allowed on the beach in LA County. We drove up to Malibu (an hour and a half or so) and found what I hoped was going to be a doggie-friendly beach. Even the place I found didn't allow dogs, but the lifeguard directed me to the edge of the public beach where the private beach was cordoned off and let me take the puppy over there.

It was awesome. She had a blast, and got super duper excited to run through the waves chasing birds and snapping at the sea foam. I had a blast getting tugged down the beach by my super enthusiastic dog, and then we co-opted the steps of one of the clearly unused beach porches and sat for a while, reading Terry Pratchett, who is like my favorite summer reading (well, or anytime you need a smile) reading.

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a couple! (and this gives me the chance to see how the new lj scrapbook pics are going to upload themselves).

Puppy at the beach

doggie! pictures! )
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In the 'pics or it didn't happen category - I mentioned the other day that the house down the street has a crèche with two Josephs as Jesus' daddies. And their robes are even pink. Sorry for the terrible image quality, but this makes me smile every day I walk past it.

And this is the house - we have seriously cute houses on our street, and this is one of them.

I'm back!!

Dec. 6th, 2011 03:45 pm
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Lights are back on! I cannot tell you how glorious it is to feel the house electrified again. The air crackles with just-on-the-edge of your ear humming, and even walking down the block seems merrier.

Of course, that's probably in part because down the newly re-lighted block is a house with the most charming Christmas lights and a little creche with baby Jesus being watched over by ... two figures of Joseph, in pink robes, as Jesus' gay baby daddies. Oh, and there's also a lamb-figure lying next to them. I want to knock on the door of that house and thank them for being so awesome, but am trying to restrain myself to hopefully catching someone either going into or walking out of the house so I can complement them on their awesome decorating skills and adorableness.

House then is back to normal, and now all I have to do is a week of writing. Oh, end of the semester, how I love you. My munchkins take their final at 8 am on Monday next week (oh joy, I get to be there early, even) so I expect absolute diamond brilliance from all of them!

also, this just in, this is why Alan Moore is way cooler than Frank Miller any day
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he has no candle etiquette. I bet you didn't even realize there was candle etiquette, but there is. Let me tell you:

a) when your housemate leaves three candles by the front door with matches next to them, don't move all three deeper into the house.
b) when your housemate shares her candles with you, don't forget to thank her for them.
c) when you take a shower during the day, just leave the bathroom door open for sunlight instead of wasting candles taking a shower in the COMPLETE dark (since your bathroom has no windows)
d) when your housemate shares her candles with you, don't use ALL the big fat long taper ones, leaving her with the tea candles.

the other thing you might consider not doing? using the freezer to store your dinner because it still remains cool (versus fridge), and opening and closing it three or four times to get to your leftovers.

(all this brought to you by my irritation my block STILL doesn't have power, even though the blocks on either side of us do... want to know when xmas lights are irritating? when you can't plug in your phone to charge or turn on the heater because it's electric)

am currently at the coffee bean, enjoying their civilized internet access for 2 hours before they kick me out. at least the city crew finally started work on the lines up the street today, but it is slow going since transformers blew. and more winds are expected tonight. such joy.
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In an entirely too Los-Angeles-Typical type apocalypse our power has been out since 11:30 pm two nights ago. Trees down in the neighborhood and snapped power lines because of a windstorm here that is supposed to be over with tonightish. I miss electricity. I am on campus now, debating on if I should stay where there are lights and internet, or go back home and enjoy candlelight. (Which, btw, is only really fun for the first night, IMHO).
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The menu worked out so amazing I want to go and do everything over again. But the fun of holiday cooking is getting to explore other things, so possibly not?

all the dishes and links to the recipes )

(and then, when we had everything again the next day, we also did orange-cranberry sauce!)

And, a Turkey Day Picspam:

the four ladies of thanksgiving invite you in )

As you may have noticed from the image up there (and the pics) I got to celebrate my turkey day with [livejournal.com profile] elizabuffy & my mom & amber! We had an amazing time - lots of eating, lots of (slightly unplanned) car riding, a planetarium show, an awesome silent movie, a bbc sherlock marathon, and seriously amazing company. Sadly EB & Amber took off this morning for other parts, but I get to keep mom for a couple more days. My brain is offline enough that I can't come up with the perfectest words to express how awesome the entire couple of days were, so you'll have to just take my word for it. For all this? I'm thankful.

*hugs you all*


Aug. 20th, 2011 11:38 am
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well, streak broken.  but not surprising since i didn't really do much yesterday worth talking about.

And today I have yet to do, but I can complain at any time!  You see, boy housemate mostly kept the house clean for when I got back.  At least clean up to his standards, which admittedly, are far lower than mine.  So that meant that the first night I got back i cleaned the bathroom so that there wasn't a ring in the toilet and the shower was comet-ed.  And I've cleaned the kitchen floor like three times because it's *sticky* (which he swears it isn't, but he walks around in socks and i walk in bare feet, and trust me, *something* is going on with the floor).

So today I notice that there's a red spatter of wax on the wall.  We have totally white walls, and it's a spatter the size of a spread hand, with some more drips down below.  And i point at it an laugh, and he says yeah, that must have come from when he filmed this short with his friends in our apartment, and lolz.

Then i realize that he's not going to clean it up if he hasn't already.  And that now that I've seen it, I'll see it every time I walk past that wall.  So i was like, um, yeah, can you clean that up?  It'll stain the wall?

And he's like, "um, yeah? i guess?" as if it hadn't occurred to him that one needs to do that, and as if i was being particularly weird asking him to clean up a mess he'd made ... and you guys tell me - is that weird?  it feels weird. 

i want to go back in there and be like, "look, sorry you don't think that you need to clean up your own mess, but you do.  and it's not unreasonable for me to expect you to do so.  i shouldn't have to do it.  and it's my deposit if it doesn't get clean when we move out!"
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But I've got 'em.

Ok, so, first?  Good things in my life, things that have gone on in the last 7 days:

  • Maija came over tonight and bought me yummy vegetarian thai food and we watched True Blood and had an enjoyable, sane (mostly, but will get to that) evening
  • I got to work with 3rd graders today to figure out how to learn more about local landmarks via the web and had a good time with it, even if it took a lot of energy (I worked with three kids, and it really is like herding cats)
  • I managed to get my laundry done on a monday night - yay for clean sheets
  • My advisor wrote this kick ass "you should give her $$ for expenses" letter in support of my recent conference journey
  • I went to Griffith Observatory with a friend on Sunday and we actually caught one of the planetarium shows (yay student ID price!) and it was awesome in a super duper geeky way
  • I took the dog to the dog park and met a Chinese Mastiff puppy that is going to look just like this when he grows up (and is bigger than Domino now)
  • I was actually interested in doing art and did a banner for [personal profile] eurydice72 (finally beginning to fulfill some of my [community profile] help_pakistan bidders/winners)
  • I started to think about how I'm going to decorate my place when the evil housemate is out
  • I got a pretty decent fridge for $200 delivered on the morning I wanted it.
Ok, so keep that in mind (trust me, I'm trying, really trying), because tonight I came home to find Asha had broken into my room through my window in order to circumvent the lock i'd put on the door

yes, this shit isn't over yet )
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My horoscope for this week:

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In the weeks ahead, Libra, you're going to be
tested on your follow-through. People will want you to work harder on
what has previously come fairly easily. You will be pressured to make
good on your promises; you'll be asked to refine the details that are
central to the success of the good new ideas that are floating around. As
much as you might be tempted to slip away and fly off in pursuit of
things that are more fun, I encourage you to stick with the program. You
can't imagine how important it is for you to learn how to be a more
committed builder.

Couldn't be more germane if it tried!!

Ok, so first off, the conference went GREAT!!  But oh my god my brain hurt from the information overload!  You try sitting in on 4 panels a day, 4 people each panel, each presentation going for at least 20 minutes, sometimes on things you know a little about but sometimes not, mostly read in slightly monotone voices .... it was painful in all the best ways!

The Good, the YAY, and the OOOOO )

So, if all that was so great, why the horoscope... )
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I came out from class yesterday to find my car had been towed.  Silver lining?  Took the bus home, which I've been meaning to do for a while.  Left the house at 9:30 am today to go to the sherrif's office to get the form that would allow me to pay the towing company the towing fees and get my car out of hock.  Silver lining? Housemate was willing to drive me to do all this.

Sadly, I was misinformed. )

But finally, finally, after I almost broke down and cried, they were able to find the car, give me the form I needed, and the housemate and I drove to the payment center for the tow, and then drove across the city again to get to the actual yard where they were keeping my car.

Silver lining?  um.... my boy!housemate is even more awesome than I thought, because he actually never got impatient and drove me around from 9:30 am to almost 6 pm without complaint.  And this problem has put the housing problem into total perspective -- what housing problem? lol.  And my mom is going to help me with actual payment so I will not have to eat ramen for the next two months.

Long day though.

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