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32 page Epistolary paper - finalized, edited, sent to prof wed
27 page Kotani transcription - done done done
12 pages of Translation paper
24 pages Kotani translation
20 sentence diagrams

Left to do:
5 pages Translation paper (thought it will probably be around 10 more)

I know my updates have been so very very boring - my whole life has revolved around being able to get work done and walking the dog.  I'd never evern translated anything other than a couple of pages, so attempting roughly 30 pages of theoretical Japanese seemed practically impossible.

Yet, it got done.  So for those who might be curious about what I was translating, here are some choice quotes:

from the intro:


Changes in feminist movement and theory, twenty years of upheaval … both the SF novel The Left Hand of Darkness and the essay "Is Gender Necessary?" were exposed in that upheaval, passed through it, survived, and are still significant works. These two works have done more than present the various problems between text/context, novel/criticism, expression/interpretation that influenced "one author." While the former has been left as it is and the latter has been revised many times, they reflect not only a history of dynamic survival, but also the history of feminism.

from the section discussing historical androgyny:


For example, the fact that especially androgynous perfection can be the object of our writerly love may be aesthetic. What is this thing beauty? The ideology that forms this "beauty" in itself has long been the target of feminist theory. Because our sensitivity toward feeling "beautiful" has been guaranteed by means of patriarchal power systems…. Of course, it is a fact that this turbulent waterway, is flowing into the classical framework of beauty, even when we look at a thesis like this.

from the section "summarizing" the story:


Genly is bewildered by witnessing the reality of these aliens who have both sexes. Before long he is forced to go on an escape journey with the hermaphrodite Estraven in this harsh land. That is to say, by means of a confrontation between "winter" and "hermaphrodite", Genly Ai cannot help step into the problem on "sexual difference." Moreover, actual "females" do not exist there. "Females" are possibly lurking inside the metaphoric structure of "Winter," or in a part of the hermaphrodite in a dismantled state. In this way, Gethen's journey may be the journey exploring the mysterious "femininity" through the space where "females" are absent.

oh, and then she brings up Jung:


Jung's term 'anima' is the feminine gender inside Genly Ai, and the travel around Gethen the journey for Ai's self discovery, and finally Ai's psychological structure is Gethen's view of the world. Before Ai, Estraven (when gendered feminine) was the anima of Ai himself.

and then there are like 20 pages after that
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