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So, in my quest to get back on the reading horse and prepare for comps, I get to read two books a day and then remind myself of some of the other theory. Finished one. Here is the write up (You'll note this is the second Abe Kobo book because classics!prof had read it, not the book I prefer of Abe's).

And, to pimp it, I made a graphic.

A short write up on Suna no Ona / Woman in the Dunes by Abe Kobo )

Foucault's History of Sexuality, here I come!
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32 page Epistolary paper - finalized, edited, sent to prof wed
27 page Kotani transcription - done done done
12 pages of Translation paper
24 pages Kotani translation
20 sentence diagrams

Left to do:
5 pages Translation paper (thought it will probably be around 10 more)

I know my updates have been so very very boring - my whole life has revolved around being able to get work done and walking the dog.  I'd never evern translated anything other than a couple of pages, so attempting roughly 30 pages of theoretical Japanese seemed practically impossible.

Yet, it got done.  So for those who might be curious about what I was translating, here are some choice quotes:

Hermaphrodites under patriarchy ―To read Ursula K LeGuin's  )
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Air Doll:

What does this film mean in terms of translation?
Benjamin or no?

ok, the rest of the notes )

sidebar - office feminism?  i dunno if it works or not:
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sugar rush reserves = 0%

caffeine reserves = 0%

tonight's final totals

4138 / 5600 words. 74% done!

And I leave you with this thought, from Judith Butler's Gender Trouble

[G]ender must also designate the very apparatus of production whereby the sexes themselves are established. As a result, gender is not to culture as sex is to nature; gender is also the discursive/cultural means by which "sexed nature" or "a natural sex" is produced and established as a "prediscursive," prior to culture, a politically neutral surface on which culture acts. (10)

good night to all, and to all a good night!
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I'm going to be posting my word counts today, just to give myself a little extra boost.  SO, for the paper I haven't talked about at all, on intersex characters in science fiction being even more radical and cool than cyborgs, I give you my first word count on the *final* draft (this does not include rough draft words):

284 / 5600 words. 5% done!

updated: 4:48 PM

940 / 5600 words. 17% done!

updated: 7:38 pm

1490 / 5600 words. 27% done!

updated: 8:58 pm

2284 / 5600 words. 41% done!

updated: 11:14 pm

3081 / 5600 words. 55% done!
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I LOVE the beginning of the semester!  There's a special magic in the anticipation, in the realization that class is actually beginning.  It's before the humdrum of day to day has turned into a sub-sonic buzz that drags you down amidst a clutter of too many coffee cups, too little time, and the aftereffects of too much caffeine fueled prose.

First days are all about the shiny glow of enthusiasm from students who want to prove how smart they are from the get go, of finding the new classroom and not hating it's bad layout, of seeing all those other people reconnecting and getting to do some 'hey, how are you doing' yourself.  Of waking up when the alarm goes off and not hating it because you've just reset your schedule.  Of rejoicing because of the lovely surprise (even though I shouldn't be surprised by it anymore) of having not as much work to do as I think I do, because of course the first week is almost never about homework that has to be done tomorrow and almost always about anticipation of next week.

And still I managed to sneak D off with me to the coffee shop, filled four pages with an outline for my thesis (and oh dear god it's a pain to try to come up with a thesis for my thesis, other than sounding incredibly lame and saying "well, i'm looking at it because I want to... duh!"  I know I won't be able to get away with that.), walked the dog, read a couple of pages in Katherine Hayles' How We Became Posthuman (which is dense, but I've made a promise to myself that I'm finishing it this weekend, I AM), dye the hair and pick up dinner. 

Not bad at all for a Wednesday.
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I did it!!!  Conference 1 = ROCK.  Unfortunately it also included six hours of driving getting to Huntsville and back, and I'm one tired monkey (well, tired from that and from all of the nervous excitement before and after).  But the presentation??  I was great!  (quote from my prof, not self-aggrandizement, promise)

you want the more than one paragraph version )

We were very responsible pet people and took the stray kittens that decided our house was great to the animal shelter today - this way they at least have a chance at a good home, since we can't adopt any more pets and they deserved it - but it was one of the hardest things I've had to do in a long time. 

My last goals today?  work on:
x [livejournal.com profile] gilesxander 's giles/xander fest postings
x roshomon translation
x abstract for the Thesis
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  • Weird article by David Wall:  "Cybercrime and the Culture of Fear: Social Science Fiction(s) and the Production of Knowledge about Cybercrime"

    Without reading his paper (but hey, i'm a grad student, i'll make summary judgements from the summaries), it sounds like he's made two errors:

    1) not giving enough weight to his examination of the culture of fear that the news media use to get more viewers ... about everything - cybercrime, medical crime, incest scandals, etc.

    2) by implying that it's in cyberpunk that these characters originated it's excluding the idea that the baddies come from other literary tropes..

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The Cyborg DB (from a UCSC class, haha), it has no content at the moment, but should be pretty interesting and worth looking at later.

And here's the Cyborgology 101 (from SJSU '06) that's got all kinds of academic sources on cyborgs and a nice little summary of Haraway too.

The IO9 "Where are my cybernetic implants" where they claim "Full disclosure - I'm a cyborg.  I wear corrective lenses and shoes that modify my feet appropriately for an urban evnironment.  It's not exactly Robocop, true, but according to the loosest definition, most of us already have a complicated relationship with technology blurring the line between "me" and "stuff"
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first off, I had no idea this existed:

Yep, for all of your ISBN searches.  It's slow, but ... it's there.  And I'm kind of stoked.  In a completely nerdy way.  So of course I immediately look for Japanese science fiction. 

Now for the books )
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* I'm starting to actually do research this semester.  And sadly, I already have a massive, overwhelming list of bookmarks... so it's not really constructive of me to keep everything there.  Instead I thought I'd put them in my LJ, that way I have a chance in heck of remembering what I found and why it's important.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll try to put everything behind a cut so no one is bombarded with long lists.  And who knows?  some of you might like this stuff, right?

round up- searches for Japanese Sci Fi )

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