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i'm signed up on a couple of dating sites. i did it a while ago, and when i got back from japan this summer i decided i was determined to "get over that hump" (which, literally for me, meant to get the hell over that hump and find someone non-serious to go out on a couple of dates with. do not want lifetime romance! at least not right now).

problem is that i think i may have the energy to do something with the dating profile like ... once a month? and that, only for a weekend. this does not add up to actually getting over the hump. it actually adds up to a sort of mild vague interest in my dating life. And this is DESPITE the fact that I was in a conversation with a couple of guys that I am actually at the stage of, "hey, you're interesting, let's go for coffee"

i just ... can't be arsed. that probably means as much as i like the concept, i'm not actually ready, or something equally psychological. i think part of it too is that i want to expend the effort in an embodied conversation. and ok, this process is slightly better than i feared since i've actually gotten responses to my profile, even if they aren't, you know, banging down my door or anything.

it's just all too much effort at the moment. why is it again that i can't just order up someone who i can go spend time with?

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