Sep. 26th, 2013

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I've had on my To Do List this thing... this thing where I have to create a bibliography of the works I'm going to need for my dissertation. And since I am rewriting my proposal from the ground up, most of the works on my qualifying exams list aren't really helpful or necessary anymore. Oh, sure, like 20 or 30 of them will come over, but I've needed to actually go start to outline the works I *will* need since last year.

Well today I finally got started on it! And found a bunch of dissertations that I am aching to read, including a monograph on one of the authors I would like to write about in my later chapters on feminist writers! It was very exciting!!

But I totally looked up and it was like an hour later and I have 10 citations. Which is good! Dont' get me wrong! But I'd meant to only sit down with the database for like 20 minutes, which is just laughable. Resaerch is awesome.

That's my life. Except that I totally read [personal profile] scarimonious's giggling and saw that [ profile] entrenous88 had done a review of Sleepy Hollow and it sounded kind of hilarious, so, yeah, two episodes in I think I've adopted a new TV show. Not that I need anymore! But accents! Awesome cops! Headless Horsemen!!!

(yes, i know, this post has a lot of exclamation points. i think i'm feeling less sick finally, and it shows in the punctuation!)

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