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Music: Ok, this isn't fandom, but it's such a cool transformative work!! (even if i'm not the biggest fan of one of the songs). The person takes a Miles Davis song & a LCD Sound system song (both on youtube), and plays them together. Its beautiful.

Gardening: Moss does NOT equal mold... and should possibly be encouraged to live in our homes? Also, Japan has moss in its national anthem?

[english language news article about moss pictures]

Art/Advertising: Apparently in LA they're doing a campaign to fundraise for LA schools by getting artists to design really awesome things. One of them is a bunch of buses that are covered with Emmerson quotes! And a billboard that reads HUMAN HISTORY BECOMES MORE AND MORE A RACE BETWEEN EDUCATION AND CATASTROPHE (which, um, so true)

[see cool pictures here]

Literature-ish: Curious about Japanese ghost stories? I got directed to this "Litrolab" pod-cast of Lafcadio Hearn's ghost stories. The interesting thing is that he wrote them down because no one else thought they were important ... and then they got famous outside of Japan, and the Japanese themselves took notice and translated his english-language book back into Japanese... and these are the forms of the tales that are most famous today in Japan.

[oooooo, scary .... ok, well, maybe not totally scary]
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So, in my quest to get back on the reading horse and prepare for comps, I get to read two books a day and then remind myself of some of the other theory. Finished one. Here is the write up (You'll note this is the second Abe Kobo book because classics!prof had read it, not the book I prefer of Abe's).

And, to pimp it, I made a graphic.

A short write up on Suna no Ona / Woman in the Dunes by Abe Kobo )

Foucault's History of Sexuality, here I come!

two links

Feb. 6th, 2012 09:54 pm
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I have discovered a new way to totally lose time - check out the omegle tag on tumblr. (though prepare yourself for sherlock spoilers).

Also, has anybody actually used Omegle to talk to people? I had an entirely boring conversation with a highschooler (I think). I may have to pretend to be a character just to make things more entertaining if I ever go on again.

Aaaand, if you're interested in the Tale of Genji, there's this lovely piece of meta in the Fireflies chapter that basically makes a connection (in my mind) about 'romances' (which are basically court tales like the Tale of Genji) and fanfiction. The relevant convo:

Tamakazura was the most avid reader of all. She quite lost herself in pictures and stories and would spend whole days with them. Several of her young women were well informed in literary matters. She came upon all sorts of interesting and shocking incidents (she could not be sure whether they were true or not), but she found little that resembled her own unfortunate career. There was _The Tale of Sumiyoshi_, popular in its day, of course, and still well thought of. She compared the plight of the heroine, within a hairbreadth of being taken by the chief accountant, with her own escape from the Higo person.

Genji could not help noticing the clutter of pictures and manuscripts. "What a nuisance this all is," he said one day. "Women seem to have been born to be cheerfully deceived. They know perfectly well that in all these old stories there is scarcely a shred of truth, and yet they are captured and made sport of by the whole range of trivialities and go on scribbling them down, quite unaware that in these warm rains their hair is all dank and knotted."

here's where it gets interesting )

[ from Tale of Genji online, Fireflies chapter ]
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Despite the grim warnings Friday night seemed to be throwing out I actually had a pretty fantastic birthday.  Not the usual sort of thing LA thing - no wild party with much drunkenness (which has pretty much been my modus operendi for years and years), but instead a series of events that were all together entertaining.

Friday we saw Inglorious Bastards - possible spoilers ahoy )

Saturday I had an ice cream social )

And I kind of got a ton of loot, the best of which is a book I have been slavering over for nearly a year now (don't ask me why I hadn't bought it before, but I hadn't, but I *have it now*!): Otaku; Japan's Database Animals by Hiroki Azuma.  Of course I'm going to be using it for class, because that's just how frigging geeky I am.

By the time we got home from ice cream I had called off our dinner out (too much ice cream to add a possibly-too-rich-dinner on top of it) and we settled for getting dinner brought to us from my favorite place in town.  And glutted ourselves on TV (something which I don't get to enjoy often enough now that my school schedule is overwhelming.

yeah, so, the spangles and stars may not have exploded in huge measure but for me?  it was a pretty damn fine day.  No angst.  No annoyances.  Everything I wanted to do and no drama about doing it.

(of course my present from school was that I had a Japanese test today -- and it continues tomorrow -- so I spent most of Sunday studying.  Bleh.  The life of a grad student is truly boring.  Although I think I did ok today, so hopefully I'll get a good grade as a bit of a retroactive present to myself).

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