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I was going to do one last Middlebury entry, hideously long with all the things I didn't want to forget in it, but apparently I'm saving that for tomorrow.  This week, compared to my last nine, is singularly normal.... if watching a lot of TV and playing on the internet and taking the dog for walks and trying to meet up with friends only to have most of our schedules not quite match up is normal.

Which, other than going to class, is pretty much it. 

Oh, I made gyoza.  Gyoza tip: if you're not going to cook them right away and you're not going to freeze them, gyoza don't really keep well in the fridge.  Or, they didn't for me.  But bean sprouts are a definite must.

I'm trying to soak in the feeling of not doing much of anything before I have to go back to school and do all kinds of things - this semester is going to be absolutely crazy I think - Neil's birthday is in a couple of weeks, I'm hoping to have a special person visit in late September (you know who you are), I got into a conference that's in October presenting one of my papers, and it's entirely possible that I'll end up running the east asian grad student association because no one else wants to do it and I was told I should be involved by my committee.  Oh, and I want to be a part of this grad student book club that's reading old school theory (they're starting with the Greeks I think).  Yeah, so this week? the calm before the storm I think.

Should be interesting. 

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