Feb. 15th, 2011

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Things that have come up:

Peirce's trichotomy of signs - Index: a sign that is linked to its object by an actual connection or real relation (irrespectively of interpretation), for instance, by a reaction, so as to compel attention, in a definite place and time. A simple example is an "Exit" sign which has an arrow pointing towards the exit. Smoke billowing from a house is an index for a fire inside.

the Film *The Hunger*

What is being enacted or performed in a film like Hiroshima Mon Amour?

Is he the reanimated life of the dead soldier she loved - a kind of energy that moves from one body to the next - a vitality? A kind of spiritual energy? OR

Is Hiroshima in the end a place that survives? Is Hiroshima's survival contingent on it's translation? Can we only understand the suffering by analogy? (the individual story of the woman in Nevers gives us a glimpse of the place where there can be no survivors)

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LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In addition to their standard offerings, the yoga
teachers at Atlanta's Tough Love Yoga center (toughloveyoga.com)
sometimes offer exotic variations. During their "Metal Yoga" classes, for
instance, the soundtrack for their stretching and breathing exercises is
heavy metal music. Here's their promise: "Melt your face off in a very
relaxing, healing way." That's the spirit I'd like to see you bring to your
life in the coming week: vehemently intense but tenderly curative;
wickedly fierce but brilliantly rejuvenating.

i shall do my best! 

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